Los Kintos - Vol 3 (CD Audio)
Los Kintos - Vol 3 (CD Audio)
Los Kintos - Vol 3 (CD Audio)

Los Kintos - Vol 3 (CD Audio)

Abanico Records
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On CDE. this is a wonderful and previously unissued album from the '70s featuring legendary Peruvian group Los Kintos. The superb tracks 'La Esencia Del Guaguancò' and 'Lo Que Dijo La Gitana' back in the day appeared on very rare 7-inches. The LP was recorded at Discos MAG by the finest musicians in the Perù/Latin scene, including Pancho Acosta, Domingo Guzman, Alberto "Betto" Villena, Don Enrique "Kike" Aparcana and many others. Whether you like cumbia, dancing to the salsa or swingin' to the beat of the killer Guaguancò, you're in for a treat!

Barcode: 8032942520157

Catalog no.: ABNCD-001


La agrupación musical surquillana "Los Kintos" fue fundada en el 1969.
Disco inédito: "LOS KINTOS Vol. 3 (ABN/01)"
Unissued Album/LP - Recorded at Discos MAG, back in the seventies. Masters taken from the original tapes.
Under License: M.A.G. (PERU)

Only 500 CD copies.